Summer Body Painting @ Festivals


We have been busy over the summer with our project Happy Slap Boutique providing face paint and body painting our performers.

The highlight for me was body painting seven of our performers on the Sunday afternoon at Boom Town Fair. Our theme for the weekend was inspired by the mexican area ‘El Barrio Loco’ that we were in. Our tent was called ‘El Espectaculo Esqueleto’ or ‘The Skeleton Spectacular’ where we took on a day of the dead theme (Hence why there are lots of skeleton style paints appearing on the Flickr page!).

Day of the dead skeleton body paint

Once body painted, our troop of performers were on stage most of the evening. The use of black light and UV paint really helped to make them look amazing at night. Before this though we sent the guys on a parade around the local area where our good friend Scott Salt managed to take this photo with most of the body painted performers in one shot!

For more pictures, please take a look at our body paint hire section of the site and find Happy Slap Boutique on Facebook