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Interactive Theatre For Events London & Our new Company

If you have just discovered our site, please do check out or parent site which specialises in interactive theatre for events. All our team are constantly working on new projects there and bringing the unique talents of our body painting team to the table.

One of the things that makes the company Civilised Mess unique, is the ability to match the theatrical elements our performers bring with the skills of our body painters and prosthetic artists. Combining these skills brings not only characters that look good but also quality theatre that engages and entertains guests at events.

Our base for the interactive theatre is in London but we have recently done events in Hamburg and are about to embark on an exciting trip to India. The Indian event has hired our mermaid characters, that you can find out more about on the mermaid character page on the site.

Interactive theatre within events as well as marketing is really developing as clients seek for something more that just someone is a nice costume. The interactive performance that Civilised Mess offer is both engaging and personable. There is usually an element of comedy thrown in there as well!

Another project we worked on recently was to create our own short film. A moving tale where our goblin characters go about there daily lives! (Its the prequel to them getting in to the events industry!) Take a look at the Goblin Characters in this video! All the prosthetic and paint work was carried out by our skilled team!

If you are interested in the Face Paint or body painting work that we are doing, please get in touch!

Summer Body Painting @ Festivals


We have been busy over the summer with our project Happy Slap Boutique providing face paint and body painting our performers.

The highlight for me was body painting seven of our performers on the Sunday afternoon at Boom Town Fair. Our theme for the weekend was inspired by the mexican area ‘El Barrio Loco’ that we were in. Our tent was called ‘El Espectaculo Esqueleto’ or ‘The Skeleton Spectacular’ where we took on a day of the dead theme (Hence why there are lots of skeleton style paints appearing on the Flickr page!).

Day of the dead skeleton body paint

Once body painted, our troop of performers were on stage most of the evening. The use of black light and UV paint really helped to make them look amazing at night. Before this though we sent the guys on a parade around the local area where our good friend Scott Salt managed to take this photo with most of the body painted performers in one shot!

For more pictures, please take a look at our body paint hire section of the site and find Happy Slap Boutique on Facebook

Scary Clown Body Paints – London Hire

One of our favorite body painters has done it again! This is a great piece by Elvis Schmoulianoff. If you want to find out more about her work. Check it out here!

If you are looking for scary clown face paint then Elvis seems to have this unique ability to scare the living day lights out of everyone at a party or event!

I first came across her tallent when she painted me at Beat Herder in 2012.

When I spoke to Elvis about her work, she replied “It’s not so much that I want to scare people – I think evil clowns are positively delightful in comparison to those twee, round nose honking clowns you find creeping around kids parties….it’s always great when something you do provokes a strong reaction….if that means a couple people get scared I’ll take it as a compliment!”

When I look at these two photos, its the details around the mouth that make it all the more believable and terrifying as its difficult to work out exactly where the painted mouth ends and where your actual mouth starts! Elvis says her influence came from a love of “playing with the features when I paint”.

IMG_0441-2For more idea and inspiration, take a look around our site, visit the Civilised Mess site as well as our dedicated festival make-up team at Happy Slap Boutique.


New Site, Experienced Team.

happyslap2Although our this website is new, we have been working on projects based around body art for many years now, this website is designed to show case some of the work that we are able to do and promote the hire of our services for your events. We offer bespoke body paint and provide a very unique, quality style that we haven’t seen anywhere else in London.

Projects we have worked on in the past include Happy Slap Boutique, who incorporate groups of performers, artists and DJs to bring you the best party ever as well as Civilised Mess, the parent company that everything falls under, this side mainly deals with the corporate client base that we have.

This blog will be updated regularly with pictures of the events and parties that our crew have been to, so please do keep coming back!